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June 2014


Ole Ole Ole!

FIFA! Summer! FIFA! Summer!

We've got two tasty cocktails to celebrate both!

What you'll need:

3 Limes, a Cucumber and a bit of Sugar

May 2014

Spring Fling!

Step into spring with these two refreshing and tangy cocktails!

April 2014

Race to the Roses!

It's Derby Time! It's Bourbon Time!

March 2014

A Saintly Feast

 This month We're featuring two cocktails in honor of St Patrick and St Joseph. Hurrah! Two days of feasting and drinking!

You need: 4 limes, a bunch of basil, a sprig of mint and a drop of sugar.

February 2014

Favorite Things

Two cocktails to keep you company as we await the warmth of Spring...


What You'll need: 2 Lemons, 6 Strawberries and some Sugar.

January 2014

Ah, Vino!

Wine isn't just for goblets and Sangria.  Allow Paul to show you how cocktail lovers and wine enthusiasts can all get along!


What You'll Need: 2 lemons, an Orange and a bit of Sugar.

Cocktails Included:

Claret Cocktail
Red Velvet

Rating: 32101

Both drinks were marvelous!! Super easy to make and gives great presence!!

Gregory Hudgins
December 2013

Holiday Indulgence

A perfect set of cocktails to get you through this season of indulgence!

First, a creamy frothy Spiced Latte for the perfect wind down time after a day of holiday shopping. Followed by a snazzy champagne cocktail to sip your way into 2014.

What you'll need: 1 lemon and a spot of milk

Cocktails Included:

Spiced Latte
Fleur De Lys

Rating: 43210

Spiced latte was one of my favorite @julibox cocktails yet!

Pamela Jordan
November 2013


We've partnered with PUNCH to bring two icy cocktails sure to please!

What You'll Need: A few Lemons, A bunch of Concord or Red Grapes, Sugar and a Sprig of Thyme

Cocktails Included:

Concord Bramble
Whiskey Thyme Smash

Rating: 43210

Drinks are yumma.  The Concord Bramble is a delightfully refreshing drink that I am sure I will enjoy on my... (more)

Fionna Bezaire
October 2013

An Apple A Day…

It's apple-picking time! And we have picked the perfect cocktails for the season!  

What You'll Need:

An Apple, a Lemon and a Lime

Cocktails Included:

Sparkling Applejack Cider
Applejack Crusta

Rating: 32101

I liked both of these cocktails very much. Applejack is something I will be keeping in mind when having... (more)

Danielle Scaparro
September 2013

Adieu Summer…

We hate to see the days grow shorter and the evenings get cooler. But before we pull out the sweaters and boots, we have one last summer's kiss to plant upon thine lips...

Cocktails Included:

The Queens Collins
Texas Dolly

Rating: 32101

I was split on this month’s box. The Queens Collins was very good and a great way to end the summer, but the... (more)

Danielle Scaparro
August 2013


Rum is the quintessential spirit of the summer.  In this collection, we'll take you on a journey through the Caribbean with a few of our favorites.

Cocktails Included:

Mai Tai
Between The Sheets

Rating: 43210

Best Mai Tai I’ve ever had.  Between the Sheets was tasty as well.

July 2013

Latin Lovefest

This month's collection features two summer sipping traditions featuring clean, crisp citrus flavors and complex, spirits unique to Latin America.

Cocktails Included:

Mayan Sunset

Rating: 32101

Enjoyed the Mayan Sunset. It wasn’t a new drink, but I’m happy to have a recipe to make a fresh... (more)

June 2013

Punch Drunk

This collection of punchy cocktails are designed for easy entertaining and just perfect for all of those sunset soirees and backyard bashes you should be having!

What You'll Need: 3 lemons, 1 orange and a couple teaspoons of sugar.

Cocktails Included:

Honeybee Lemonade
Sangria Parisienne

Rating: 43210

Loved the sangria. Thought the honey bee lemonade was great.

Shana Fields
May 2013

Lindell Blvd. 1917

In May 1917, a singular event hosted by a daring socialite changed how we imbibe together, forever. This special collection is in honor of her and her spiritous exploits! There's never been a better reason to host a smashing event than now!

What you'll need: 1 lemon, 1 lime and a fresh egg.

Cocktails Included:

Clover Club
Gin & Tonic

Rating: 43211

The clover club was pretty - loved the raspberry syrup - fun. The gin/tonic was ok; not our favorite... (more)

Shana Fields
April 2013

Derby Tipples

With the first Saturday of May quickly approaching, we didn't want you to be without a few of the most treasured Kentucky Derby cocktails around.  So whether you are in the infield or watching on TV, enjoy a few sips during the fastest two minutes in sports.

What you'll need: 1 lemon, 1 orange, some basil and mint.

Cocktails Included:

Mint Julep
Orange Basil Smash

Rating: 43210

We wished the mint julep had more mint or something - it tasted like straight bourbon to us. We both liked... (more)

Shana Fields
March 2013

Delice de Sureau

We're in a Paris in the Springtime mood!  Join us as we make a toast to one of our fav cordials: St Germain!

What you'll need:

1 lime, 2 small lemons and a grapefruit.

Cocktails Included:

Pear Flower
Les Deux Magots

Rating: 43210

The Pear Flower is a dangerously drinkable cocktail. Subtle flavors, perfectly blended. A drink for... (more)

Dick Moser
February 2013

Lovers & Revelers

This month's Collection is a tasty tribute to Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras!  

What you'll need: 10 strawberries, 2 lemons, 1 orange and a bit of sugar.

Cocktails Included:

French 75
Strawberry Cobbler

January 2013

Winter Wonderful

A cornucopia of winter flavors for you to enjoy.  The Winter Sidecar is a spin on the classic, bursting with pear and almond notes. The High Society is complex and rich with earthy bourbon and amaro.

What you need: a few lemons and an orange.

Cocktails Included:

Winter Sidecar
The High Society

Rating: 54321

So good!! This collection got me hooked on amaro!

December 2012

Our Finest Gifts We Bring, a Rum, a Rhum, Rum!

What could be better to celebrate the winter holidays than with a few classics, made new?  Our Rum Old Fashioned is a perfect introduction to brown spirits. The Magi Sour is a harmonious balance of sweet and tart- everything you could ask for!

What you'll need:  a lemon and the peel of an orange.

Cocktails Included:

Magi Sour
Old Fashioned

Rating: 54321

The Magi Sour was a surprise. It’s become a quick favorite!

November 2012

Great Grains

This collection highlights why a few fresh ingredients and a pure vodka make for delightfully handcrafted cocktails. Naturally, we turned to Belvedere and Ketel One for our little demonstration...

What you'll need: (4) limes and (1) pink grapefruit

Cocktails Included:

Daisy Rose
Polish Mule

Rating: 54321

Loved this one.  Did not know I liked ginger beer!
Where can I get this stuff?

Maurice Coffey Sr.
October 2012

Drink Pink

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we tip our hats to women everywhere.  We are inspired by the true heros in our lives and we celebrate them all this month with a rosy toast...

What you'll need: a few lemons.

What you could add: blackberries and a cinnamon stick.

Cocktails Included:

Autumn Sling
Bramble 75

Rating: 43211

Autumn Sling has been my favorite drink so far. Was a definite party favorite.

September 2012

Summertime Coolers

Summer was designed for a few things: spending more time outside than inside, enjoying the longest days of the year, and finding new reasons to enjoy a great summer cocktail.

This month its all about the summer cooler. Easy, delightful and utterly refreshing.

What you'll need: a few lemons.

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